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Skin & Sun Care
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Always evolving, Live Ultimate consciously creates healthy all-natural skin and sun care products. We've carefully researched the earth's most treasured indigenous super-foods, purest minerals and innovative anti-aging technologies, to bring you a revolutionary line of organic products both effective and safe to use, because what we put in and on our body matters. The foundation of our skincare products resides in our signature Fruitscription™ and Sunscription™ formulas, which contain a powerful blend of herbal extracts, prized super-foods, and potent antioxidants - the purest ingredients discovered. Simply put, we're on a mission to revitalize your skin and energize your soul. We invite you to live mindful, live natural… Live Ultimate.

Skin Care

A revolutionary natural whole skin care line made with organic ingredients. Our skin care collection features our proprietary Fruitscription™ formula of powerful herbal superfruit and plant extracts to nourish and feed the skin.

Sun Care

More than just a sunscreen. Experience a revolutionary, all-natural, SPF30 facial primer and anti-aging moisturizer for all skin types. Mindfully created with our signature Sunscription™ formula of high quality micronized Zinc Oxide, Astaxanthin-rich red algae, powerful antioxidants and organic herbal extracts to protect and nourish your skin. Our sunscreen is completely free of all chemical UV absorbers and toxic ingredients.