Camu Clay

Detoxifying Antioxidant Clay Masque

All-Natural, Made with Organic Ingredients

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As Seen in Elle Magazine, one of Academy Award nominee Viola Davis’s favorite skincare products

Deeply Detox – Replenish – Brighten


  • Deeply cleanses and detoxifies
  • Gently exfoliates
  • Reduces pore size
  • Evens and brightens skin tone
  • Anti-aging restorative
  • Nourishes and heals

A revitalizing blend of the highest quality French Bentonite and Kaolin clays, the prized Amazonian superfruit, Camu Camu Berry – one of Nature’s most potent sources of Vitamin C, four plant stem cells and our proprietary Fruitscription™ formula, CamuClay is a deeply cleansing, skin-brightening therapy that leaves your face detoxified, nourished and renewed. Men and women of all skin types will benefit from this all-natural clay face masque made with organic ingredients.

Ancient French Bentonite from the Montmorillon region is the foundation of our CamuClay Invigorating Anti-aging Clay Masque, and has been used for centuries for healing and drawing out toxins. Organic natural plant oils rich in Vitamins A, E and F, feed and soften the skin while 4 plant stem cells work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As powerful antioxidant plant botanicals protect and repair, potent skin brighteners even and brighten skin tone while reducing pore size. Repair your stressed skin with this powerful, plant-based formula.

Unlike other masques, which only promise immediate visible results, CamuClay triggers near-instant results while providing long-term, nourishing and anti-aging benefits with our proprietary Fruitscription™ blend of exotic superfruits and 5 naturally-derived plant stem cells:

  • Acai Palm (Euterpe oleracea)
  • White Oak Bark (Quercus alba)
  • Chinese Basil (Perilla frutescens)
  • Swiss Apple (Malus domestica)
  • Orange (Citrus aurantium dulcis)

These compounds strengthen skin cells, prolong cellular life span, hinder UV-related skin damage and smooth skin texture for dynamic anti-aging reactions.


DAILY APPLICATION. Apply an even layer to clean, dry skin, Leave on for 10-20 minutes allowing the product to absorb into the skin. Wash off with warm water. Can be used on face and neck. Use 2-3 times per week or when needed. With regular use, CamuClay helps to even the skin tone, brighten, rid skin of toxins and gently exfoliate while leaving you with a natural and healthy glow that lasts for days.


The foundation of our CamuClay Invigorating Anti-Aging Clay Masque rests in our proprietary Fruitscription™ formula of powerful antioxidant superfruit extracts of noni, goji, mangosteen, coffee seed, cacao butter, green tea and healing herbal extracts, bathing the skin in diverse nutrients and healing actives. Made with organic and naturally-derived ingredients, this revolutionary formula works deep within the dermal layers to deeply nourish and protect.


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See what our customers are saying about Camu Clay

" Love this clay mask. I love how soft my face feels after a treatment. I stay away from my eyes as they are very sensitive. I noticed after a few weeks of using this mask i have had very little acne. I highly recommend this product."  -  Vanessa Misty

"The camu clay mask reminds me of a detoxifying mud bath but my skin felt so soft afterwards. The mask is brown with a gritty like consistency but easy to spread on your face. I rinsed off with warm water followed by a moisturizer and my skin was soft and glowing. There was no irritation. I love that since I have sensitive skin. I will definitely be trying more from this skin care line."  -  Tiffany G.

"This CamuClay Masque is a really intensive treatment and it's awesome you can easily get these results at home. I have very sensitive skin so I use this about every other week instead of every week as to not dry out my skin. The mask itself is nice and thick with walnut shell powder inside to give a gentle exfoliation. It was easy to apply and I left on about 15 minutes and it was dry. Since it has the walnut shell powder and I didn't want to be too rough with my skin I splashed plenty of water on my face before trying to wipe it off (way less rubbing that way). While it was drying I could definitely feel it working but it wasn't uncomfortable (I have had my share of painful mask experiences!). If it was tightening too much in a spot I just keep a little spray bottle of water handy. After rinsing my face was slightly red which i expected and why I choose to do masks at night. I made sure to follow up with a serum and moisturizer and my skin felt great! Definitely exfoliated, refreshed and smooth! Also love that it is free of parabens, artificial dyes and fragrances so I can feel good about pampering my face."  -  Amanda