Ultimate Shrooms 90G
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Nature’s Most Powerful Immune Support.

Ultimate Shrooms is an extraordinary blend of the 8 highest quality immune strengthening organic mushroom fruiting bodies to boost your body’s defenses, brain function and natural energy levels without caffeine. #GetShroomed for peak performance and ultimate health!

Cordyceps, Reishi, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake and Oyster. These 8 legendary and healing organic mushrooms are carefully sourced from around the world for their quality and potency.

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100% of our ingredients are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program, verified by QAI (Quality Assurance International).

Our USDA Certified Organic mushroom fruiting bodies are grown on wood logs, then hand-selected and harvested using hot water extraction techniques to break down their cell walls, providing valuable immune-boosting beta-glucans and other polysaccharide compounds. They are then tested multiple times, before and after bottling, to ensure their purity, strength and maximum beta-glucan levels. Ultimate Shrooms should be taken daily for long-term health benefits and is easily mixed with water (hot or cold) and has a very pleasant, nutty and earthy flavor similar to a mild coffee.



  • Helps to boost immune system function and response *
  • Helps to defend cellular health and DNA integrity *
  • Helps relieve stress and fatigue *
  • Helps to protect organs from toxins and dysfunction *



  • Helps to provide sustained natural energy *
  • Helps to improve brain function and focus *
  • Helps to increase athletic performance and recovery *



  • Helps to balance hormone levels and production *
  • Helps to stimulate metabolism *
  • Helps to reduce inflammation *
  • Helps to assist body in detoxification *



  • Helps to Reverse brain degeneration *
  • Supports healthy weight management *
  • Helps to Promote healthy cholesterol levels *
  • Helps lower blood sugar *
  • Helps to Promote healthy aging *

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). This product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, please return the unused product to our Miami Beach office.  Refunds will be processed upon receipt.


The Ultimate Shrooms contains the 8 most powerful species of mushroom fruiting bodies for immune support, natural energy, and vitality.These mushrooms have been used to support health and longevity for thousands of years, and research continues to find new evidence to support their health-enhancing properties.These mushroom have been cultivated in the most pristine conditions, on wood logs, as you would find them in nature.


Key Benefits

With Daily Use:

  • Helps to defend cellular health and DNA integrity
  • Helps to provide sustained natural energy
  • Helps to balance hormone levels and production
  • Helps to reverse brain degeneration
  • Helps to relieve stress and fatigue
  • Helps to improve brain function and focus
  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Helps with lower blood sugar


Because they keep us healthy! Simply put, mushroom fruiting bodies are one of the most powerful immune-strengthening superfoods on Earth. Scientific research has shown that they contain hundreds of therapeutic compounds and have immune enhancing properties, sharpen cognitive function and provide an adaptogenic balance to help our bodies function optimally. They’ve been revered by the Chinese for centuries for providing energy and as an aphrodisiac. Mushrooms are just now becoming popular health tonics in Western culture and offer real therapeutic value. Mushroom fruiting bodies contain therapeutic compounds such as beta-glucans, triterpenoids, ergosterols and other polysaccharides known to boost vitality, balance hormones, fight stress, improve brain health, support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels and more. These compounds elevate immune fighting compounds including T Killer cells, macrophages and interleukins. Research is continually finding new evidence on mushroom’s health enhancing properties. Over 600 species of mushrooms have shown at least some level of antitumor or immune-stimulating activity. For Ultimate Shrooms, we chose the 8 most powerful for immune support, natural energy and vitality. Mushrooms are truly the ultimate superfood energy and many people use them as a coffee or tea substitute because it has a similar flavor profile, stimulate blood flow and provide natural energy and mood enhancement without the crash most coffee drinkers experience because they don’t contain any caffeine. We hope you enjoy this enlightened longevity support formula as much as we do and help us share the message about the power of mushroom fruiting bodies!
Adaptogens are non-toxic substances which balance our bodies and are safe to be taken for long periods of time. Adaptogens produce a non-specific biological response that improves the body’s ability to resist illness from physical, chemical, emotional and other biological stressors. Adaptogens have a strong influence on the body towards homeostatic balance. This means that they move the body in the direction of a normal homeostatic balance. If stress hormones are too high, they lower and stabilize them and if stress hormones are too low, they raise and stabilize them. Adaptogens increase the body’s resistance to stress and help it overcome health challenges more quickly.
All of our mushroom extracts are made from certified organic mushroom fruiting bodies cultivated on logs in the climate and region they are found growing naturally. Our mushroom farmers have over 40 years of mushroom growing experience and are one of the first companies to bring organic medicinal mushrooms to North America. Our mushroom fruiting bodies are tested multiple times before and after bottling to ensure purity, strength and maximum beta-glucan levels.
The vast majority of mushroom products on the market use mycelium which is a cheaper form and contains significantly less beta-glucans and other health-enhancing actives. Technically, mycelium is not even considered a “mushroom” in and of itself as it’s the underground filament network comparable to tree’s roots. In fact, it is not required by law to state on the label which part of the mushroom you are using so it is up to the company’s integrity to disclose. Mycelium is the underground part of the mushroom and contains starches from the grain it is grown on. The mycelium builds up energy and one or more times a year will produce a fruiting body that contains concentrated nutrition including up to 50 times the amount of beta-glucans found in the mycelium. Therefore, we believe mushroom fruiting bodies are the far superior choice for optimal health.
Hot-water extraction helps to break down the cell walls of the mushroom fruiting bodies which makes their valuable immune-modulating beta-glucans and other compounds more prevalent, bio-available and at higher levels. Compared to simply grinding raw mush-rooms into powder which results in beta-glucans levels below 1%, our hot-water extracted mushroom blend consists of 100% mushroom fruiting bodies with guaranteed beta-glucan levels not less than 30%.
Ultimate Shrooms has a very pleasant nutty and earthy flavor similar to a mild coffee. In fact, many people use it as an enlightened caffeine-free alternative to coffee. It can be served simply by mixing with water, your favorite juice, milk substitute or smoothie. It can also be mixed into hot water as a coffee or tea substitute. Since the mushroom fruiting bodies are hot-water extracted to break down cell walls to make the beta-glucans available, nothing is destroyed when you mix it at higher temperatures during consumption.
Ultimate Shrooms is a powder because mushrooms are a food and we believe that we should all experience nutritional foods through our tongue and mouth to optimize digestion and absorption. Would you want to eat your favorite foods wrapped in a capsule? Not only do capsules and tablets have less absorption, but they can be irritating to the throat and stomach lining. When we learn to associate how food tastes to how food makes us look and feel, we begin to appreciate the wonderful flavors and benefits in these miraculous superfoods.
you’re only going to consume one of our nutritional formulas, we always recommend you begin with The Ultimate Elixir, as it contains a full spectrum of 25 superfoods and super greens for overall nutrition including 500mg of our organic mushroom blend of Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake and Shiitake. However, the healing and immune strengthening properties of mushroom fruiting bodies are so beneficial to our health that we believe a higher dosage than 500mg per day is needed for maximum benefits. Ultimate Shrooms also contains 4 additional mushroom species including Chaga, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail and Oyster.
It’s always best to drink any whole food powders on an empty or light stomach for optimal absorption. Many people like to add it to their Ultimate Elixir for an extra boost or it can be consumed anytime throughout the day for added energy and vitality.
Yes. As with all our nutritional products, consistency is the key to long-term health results.
Yes, it is very safe to take this formula more than once a day. However, we feel that the ideal daily dosage should range between 3 to 5 grams/day, meaning 1 serving of The Ultimate Elixir and 1 scoop of Ultimate Shrooms daily would be an ideal therapeutic dosage.
Mushrooms are about 25% protein, 58% carbohydrates and 3% fat. The rest is vitamins and minerals. Do you test for heavy metals? Yes, we require all our whole superfood nutritional supplements to be tested during production and bottling for heavy metals. We follow the American Health Products Association’s (AHPA) guidelines for heavy metals in compliance with CA Prop 65.
Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. Do not refrigerate as it could cause condensation and mold.

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