My Story

We live in a time where it has become difficult to access organic food, the proper nutrition and to also care for the environment. When I first experienced the Ultimate Shrooms I felt a very balanced energy. My mind became more alert that day in a way that surprised me. The whole concept of Live Ultimate inspires me from the quality of the ingredients, the research, the taste, the integrity, mindfulness and the community. As a holistic consultant, healer and founder of the DHARMI® Method, I provide individual and professional development guidance based on Intention. My mission is to support people, causes, products and visions that bring a positive impact on our community and environment. With three decades of experience worldwide, offering my services in some of the best resorts, healing hotels, participating to conventions, shamanic rituals, alternative medicines, and as a certified yoga therapist, I became very conscious about the quality of products. The effects of Live Ultimate on our skin and the sensation on our overall energy is balancing and rejuvenating. I am here to share with you all the benefits of our products. Feeling good can become a healthy addiction. Enjoy!