Ultimate Run Series


Thanking our past and present Live Ultimate Run Series Partners




Whether you are a seasoned runner, weekend warrior, health fanatic or just a group of friends who get together for a leisurely jog or brisk walk, we know that each individual has their own story. For some it’s about staying fit, for others it’s about taking part in one of the most widely practiced forms of exercise in the world. Still for others, it’s about meeting goals they set for themselves. We created the LIVE ULTIMATE RUN SERIES to be about going one step further in all that we do. That is the Live Ultimate goal – to realize that we are endowed with gifts and purpose that can give us the courage to do the dares and live in the openness of possibility. A run to take on, not with just our legs, but with our hearts. That is why we are pleased that the LIVE ULTIMATE RUN has dedicated itself to becoming a platform to raise funds and awareness to call attention to the reality that there are more than 16 million children going hungry in America every day. Don’t Stand For Hunger-Run To Help End It. The Live Ultimate Run Series. Like Us on Facebook at Live Ultimate Run.